What To Ask Before Buying Hardwood Floors for Your Texas Home

Hardwood Floor Questions for the Experts At Technique Carpet & Floors

Which wood species is the right one for your home?

This should be decided based on the amount of traffic that is going into the area with the hardwood floors. High traffic rooms will need a more durable wood such as Walnut or Oak. Learn more about our different styles and species of wood.

What wood flooring is best for pet owners?

We all love pets but taking care of hardwood floors can be more of a challenge with wear and tear. A few things to consider when choosing your hardwood floors:

-Harder woods don’t scratch as easily so they are a more ideal wood than others.
-Also consider a floor that is finished with polymer rather than poly.
-Protection for your floors from moisture

Do you need professional help for installation?

Consider whether you need help installing your hardwood flooring. While HGTV can lead many to believe they can handle any home improvement project in their home. The reality can set in and involve more of a mess. Technique Carpets & Floors has over 30 years of experience in the flooring business with installation, repair and cleaning of everything flooring. Contact us today to get a quote on your floor installation service in Round Rock, Killeen & Temple.