Professional Cleaning Services for The Toughest Stains

Technique Flooring & Restoration offers the following services at an additional price:

Stain Removal in Round Rock, Killeen & Temple

Pet Odor Removal

We all love our pets, and they are sure to put a smile on our face every time we see them. However, the occasional accident is nearly inevitable which in turn causes odors and pet stains! Our pet enzyme treatment consists of odor modifiers that break down the structures of odor-causing substances and stains. The Technique carpet cleaning technicians are sure to leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

Red Stains

Red stains whether from a night of wine drinking in your living room or from blood. Technique Flooring & Restoration is here to remove any red stain from your carpets & upholstery.

Tips To Remove Red Wine From Your Carpets

-As soon as the red wine hits the carpet – get a clean towel and begin to blot the stain
-Remove as much of the stain as you can before scrubbing
-Do not add any chemical or substance to the stain
-Call Technique Flooring & Restoration to remove the rest of the stain

Wax & Rust Removal

Wax can be easily removed from carpets with our high-pressure steam cleaners that will lift the wax right up. But when it comes to rust removal on old furniture, we use a specific technique to make your furniture look like new again. Contact Technique Flooring & Restoration today to get an estimate on your specialty removal service.

In addition to providing the best steam cleaning in Round Rock, Killeen, Temple & surrounding areas in Central Texas, we also want to make sure your carpets are protected. After we clean your carpets our carpet cleaning technicians can apply a carpet protector to your carpets that help deter liquid spills and spots. This protectant will allow you to go longer in between steam cleanings. This is an additional charge per room so when you are requesting your carpet cleaning be sure to mention our Carpet Protector add on!