Rug Cleaning

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Our Team Is Certified To Professionally Clean Delicate Rugs Of All Types


Dirty Rug? We can help! At Technique Flooring & Restoration we offer delicate rug cleaning services for all types of rugs. Our team has the knowledge and resources to professionally clean any and all styles of rugs in our rug cleaning facility! Customers can drop off rugs at our facility or schedule pickup and delivery by our team!

Why Choose Technique Flooring & Restoration To Clean Your Rug?

  • Rugs can easily be ruined if not properly cleaned, our team is qualified and trained to clean all rug types.
  • Dry soil removal is imperative to a quality cleaning of an area rug, and we make sure to thoroughly dust rugs as a part of our cleaning process.
  • Odors and pet waste such as urine, feces, and vomit cannot be removed effectively by home based methods or by regular carpet cleaning companies.
  • Household methods can damage the area rug and change its colors.
  • Different rug types require special cleaning processes, we clean each rug with different methods dependent upon the style of rug, type of material, and how fragile the rug might be.

Contact us today to let us bring your rug back to life!